Meet Fredmund

By now I hope that you have seen the pictures of the newest addition to our household. His name is Fredmund, and he is a two month old kitten that we got from the Humane Society after work yesterday. When we walked in, we didn’t realize that we would be walking out with a kitten that very same night. However, while Kyle and I were perusing the cattery, I ran into a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in a while.

My friend apparently volunteers at the Humane Society, which gives him major brownie points in my book. I told him that we were looking for a younger cat who was very cuddly, and he led us to “Curtis.” (Curtis from henceforth will be referred to as Fredmund). He was a cute little kitten that was in the med room, the area where they keep the cats that aren’t ready to go up front or if the cattery is too full for more additions.

He started purring the instant he was picked up, and we knew he was the right cat for us. We were told that if we didn’t take Fredmund that night, we wouldn’t be guaranteed he would be there the next day. It’s a first come first serve basis at the Humane Society. We didn’t want to risk it, and we had a cat carrier in the car anyway, so we filled out the forms, paid the fees, and took Fred!

He didn’t like the car ride very much, especially since it’s a loooong drive to our house from the Humane Society. And we had to stop at Meijer to get supplies before we could take him home. When we got him home, we placed his food and water in our bedroom, and we did the same with his litterbox as well. We wanted to keep him in our suite overnight till we could figure out if he’d be okay in other areas of the apartment.

Fred waiting for Kyle’s attention

He spent most of the night engaged in various activities including sleeping next to Kyle’s head, exploring the space under the recliner, and spooning my right scapula. He got frisky around 5am, but he settled back down and let us sleep till 8 or so.

In the morning, he hid under the recliner for quite some time, but if we called to him, he would come out shyly and start purring. He’s a funny little cat, and he’s very affectionate. He likes to sleep on or next to me when he’s tired, and he’s starting to understand his name.

He likes to climb me and fall asleep

We’re discouraging visitors till Tuesday because we want him to adjust to his new surroundings with minimal stress. He seems to be enjoying himself so far, and we’re so glad that my friend introduced us to Fred.


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