Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I want to show you the valentine card that I made Kyle today because I’m very proud of it. Mostly because I made up the poem myself, even though it’s obviously my take on the “roses are red” poem that everyone loves to use so much. But Kyle told me that it’s inappropriate, and he’s a rick sausage.

In related news, Kyle and I are having a Valentine’s night in! We did it last year, and it was a lot of fun. We decided last year that we were going to have a classy night in, so we bought some wine (and by wine I mean some Arbor Mist because we have such sophisticated palates) and some fancy cheese (by which I mean gouda that I found at the Family Fare) and lit a few candles in my bedroom.

Well, the “wine” had a screw top instead of a cork, and through some bizarre factory occurrence, the lid was smaller than the bottle. It sounds physically impossible because it basically is. The cap was so small that you could clearly see the outline of the bottle’s lip. Being resourceful people (and too young to waste a bottle of perfectly fine Arbor Mist) we decided we would do whatever it took to get that bottle of wine open.

We tried unscrewing it with our hands, running it under hot water, running it under cold water, using a towel for grip, but nothing worked. Eventually we decided to stab the cap with a sharp knife in hopes of making a hole large enough to pour the liquid out of. After sawing determinedly at the lid with a steak knife for about 20 minutes, we managed to essentially open the bottle, and we reveled in our accomplishment.

Anyway, so this year Kyle and I bought a real bottle of wine, and we bought some kind of fancy cheeses that I didn’t even know existed before yesterday but supposedly will pair well with the white wine. We bought more candles, and I made him a valentine all by myself.

Oh, and please enjoy this Valentine’s themed video.


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